In my spare time, I write and illustrate KYRIE, a graphic novel set in third century Roman North Africa.

KYRIE can be read via Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and DriveThruComics.

KYRIE is published by Comicker Digital, LLC. It updates Mondays and Fridays here.

The 22-page 'Making Of KYRIE' PDF may be purchased online for just $1 here.

© 2021 Matt Crotts
“This is one of those rare, wonderful tales in which you can revel in the surface - the beautiful, evocative colours, the movement and character of the sublime linework - but at the same time there is something beneath, pulling you deeper into the story with every panel, taking you on a journey that conjures anticipation and promises excitement - a perfect recipe for adventure.

Matt Crotts has created a world that is tinted with magic yet also feels historically real and alive - it’s a joy to get lost in. KYRIE is a real treasure.”

~ Garen Ewing