KYRIE Book 1: The Curse of the Macedonian Scroll

The first 120 pages of this sweeping Sword and Sandal, Romance of the Sands graphic novel is available for preorder here.

Chapter 1: Prologue
The book opens with an unlikely troupe of thieves, a duo called the Thunder Brothers and led by the treasure hunter Myra, as they race to escape Alexandrian Egypt with the Red Lady of Babylon - an infernal ruby coveted by both Roman and Persian Empires, containing an encrypted message from civilization's dawn.

Chapter 2: The Red Lady of Babylon
The robbers escape by stealing Senator Valerian's sailing ship, only to discover a prisoner aboard named Marcus, who knows how to reveal the Red Lady's message, and a scroll from Macedon which explains it. But is this mysterious prisoner more dangerous than the Roman naval authorities who are already hunting them down?

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Matt Crotts uses beautiful drawing, dynamic storytelling, and a well-researched blend of history and legend to bring the ancient border between empires to vibrant life. KYRIE is definitely a comic to watch.”

~ Chris Schweizer
“This is one of those rare, wonderful tales in which you can revel in the surface - the beautiful, evocative colours, the movement and character of the sublime linework - but at the same time there is something beneath, pulling you deeper into the story with every panel, taking you on a journey that conjures anticipation and promises excitement - a perfect recipe for adventure.

Matt Crotts has created a world that is tinted with magic yet also feels historically real and alive - it’s a joy to get lost in. KYRIE is a real treasure.”

~ Garen Ewing

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