Matthew Crotts, MSMI, CMI

Medical Animation and Illustration


KYRIE Book 2: Exiles in Wasteland

The next 128-page installment of this sweeping Sword and Sandal, Romance of the Sands graphic novel is available for preorder here.

Chapter 3: The Garamantian Desert
Exiles in Wasteland opens with the prisoner (Marcus), the treasure hunter (Myra), and a surviving Roman soldier (Tersius) washing up on the Libyan shoreline. Myra and Marcus agree to a temporary alliance, in order to hunt for the Red Lady of Babylon's origins - a forgotten oasis somewhere in the south Egyptian wastes. Tersius is dragged along as their unwilling prisoner.

Back in Alexandria, Gallienus explains to his father what he saw at Siwa after excavating the oasis, as well as what (or who?) possessed him.

Chapter 4: Jackal's Rest
Marcus reads the Macedonian scroll, and explains that the Red Lady was originally intended for Alexander the Great, on his quest to defeat the ultimate enemy - his own mortality.

Valerian hurries out from Alexandria with his son Gallienus and a military attachment. Marcus and Myra recount a bit of their childhood, and discover they both grew up in the same town, although at different times. The traveling trio enter a dangerous border town, in search of a wandering Berber tribe that can take them to Siwa.